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My name is Mario Bobbio, I'm a Visual Designer :)

Mis Mas means 'my most'. I put my heart and soul in creating personal and colorful designs, across different disciplines. From handcrafted illustrations and branding, to shooting and video animation to make you noticed.

Animation / Social Media

Visual Identity / Website

Disk Cover / Illustration

Visual Identity / Logo

Workshop / Branding

Visual Identity / Exhibitions

Visual Identity / Branding

Art Exhibition / Branding

Art Exhibition / Branding

Illustration / Animation

Illustration / Animation


Campaign / Website

Visual Identity

Visual Identity / Website


Partners & Collabs


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Via Limitanea, 6, 34138 Trieste, TS, Italy

BOMA sas di Mario Bobbio e C.  |   P.IVA 01224090322

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