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The establishment of the theatre and the launch of artistic activities are, in truth, the arrival point of a long journey matured by the founders through years of discussions, stimuli, projects. My expertise resulted in the full visual identity revitalization of the theater, starting in 2020 and still going strong.

The Popular Theater "La Contrada" was born in Trieste on April 22, 1976, on the initiative of the actors Orazio Bobbio, Ariella Reggio, Lidia Braico and the director Francesco Macedonio. The original denomination of what would later become La Contrada – Teatro Stabile di Trieste was suggested by Ariella Reggio, with the intention of uniting a term capable of evoking the Trieste origins of the company and a word which, in full harmony with the concept of "self-management" of the seventies, indicated a theater that intended to act as an alternative to the official one.

My designs with La Contrada

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